I am aiming to create a website that will showcase and promote my work as a photographer. For a portfolio website to be effective it must be functional, aesthetic, simple, marketable, and most importantly; it must showcase previous work to prospective clients efficiently.

Ultimately, my website is aimed at selling my services as a photographer. To successfully do that, my website must follow basic design principles, as well as appeal visually to clients, which in turn will help increase traffic to my site. By following these basic principles, and the ones outlined above, I will be able to implement the website in a realistic scenario, and hopefully gain some more clients.


The current target audience is quite large as I am hoping to attract potential clients from a various industries. I am mainly targeting the hospitality industry, but have a minor focus on commercial products as well. The general age will range from 25 – 55, targeting both male and females. I will also be targeting an audience who is based and located within the Auckland Central suburbs. My services will be aimed at middle to higher class establishments who want to further their social media, or website traffic by using photography.

Many business are now turning to social media as a means to market their products, services, and niche to which they cater for. My website will promote asset gathering, specifically product photography.

In very general terms, I will be trying to attract audience who are business owners within the hospitality industry. These business owners will need to have an interest in furthering their brand on social media, or through websites which will showcase their products, via my photography.


My site will be very simple but visually aesthetic. This limits the content of my website, but it also aids with my ultimate goal of attracting clients, as a cluttered website full of content is not likely to attract traffic.

Basic Content plan

  • About – A basic about section will outline who I am as a photographer, and what my aims and goals are for my photography. It will also outline my styles, and different shooting situations I work in.
  • Contact – Information that clients can use to get in contact with me. This will include email, and mobile, as well as location.
  • Projects – A page will be dedicated on projects I am working on, or projects I have worked on, discussing my process, and showcasing the final images of different projects.
  • Portfolio – This page will showcase my favourite works, and will give a visual overview for my style and approach to photography. This will allow the client to understand my style, and ultimately let them decide whether I am the right photographer for them.
  • Social Media – There will be a page which will link to various social media sites such as Instagram, Flickr, and possibly Facebook, there may also be an email link within this page as well


I aim to work with a simple and aesthetic theme which remains functional. I don’t want to detract a viewer’s eye primarily to my site design, as the emphasis is my work, and portfolio on display.

I am currently conflicted between a continuous scrolling website with a menu across the top of the body; or a website which is based primarily off pages with limited movement within the site.

I want to implement images which change in a slideshow if possible as a background image.

The colour design is prospected to be very washed out blues, or a more simplistic, grey, white, and black palette. Sticking with the simplistic theme, the font will be a sans which will help promote the very clean look which I am aiming for.

Finally,  wherever I can, I want to feature my images as this will increase my work exposure. With these design and style choices, I aim to create a functional and effective website which is synonymous with my work. This will help me more efficiently market myself to prospective clients, as the site, and its content will be cohesive.

Design Inspiration –


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