Usability Testing & Changes for Original Design

Project Management

The first task in managing my project was testing my website designs usability. I wanted to see what they were attracted to and whether they could navigate the website easily. I was looking for ways to improve my design, layout, and functionality. The usability test was a good indication on how/what aspects of my websiteI could improve on.


Concluding the tests, I found that my website was very easy to navigate. The reason behind this was of the fixed navbar and extremely simplistic site map. The fixed navbar was also helpful in informing my users what page they were on, and what information they could expect from the page. The content that was displayed was appropriate, with no critique how much, or how little any page held. Many of my users commented how simplistic, and clean the design was, which was my initial goal in the first brief. By keeping the design clean and simple, the user can focus on my content.

Suggestions –

However, there were some minor design changes that were suggested.

  1. Centre aligning the navbar text will make my site look much more aesthetic and balanced
  2. Changing my portfolio page to a slideshow, or a more simplistic grid, as the alternating photo sizes is visually off-putting
  3. Making my footer bigger to give my social media links more breathing space
  4. Make my contact page content clickable links so users can contact me much faster

Reflection –

I found the information from my usability testing extremely helpful. It was constructive and will definitely aid me in further optimising my design and website functionality.


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