WIP – Cleaning up the Code

Project Management

This week was spent cleaning up my code, and finalizing my CSS styling to accommodate for all the browsers I have used to view and build my website. Thankfully, my earlier estimations and visual drawings of my website layout helped me when I was matching my classes and ID’s to CSS styles.

I ran into an issue with my portfolio page. My images were not resizing, and would not stack in grid formation due to their native sizes. I searched for many solutions to this problem but found none. After contacting Abhi, he advised me to learn about media queries. After a quick google I found the relevant CSS and styled it around my content. Although this process was very long and frustrating, I was extremely happy with my responsive grid as an outcome.


After finishing my CSS code, I verified it using http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ and it came back with no errors. Success.


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